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Our Story

We set out to find the root of student engagement in the hopes of improving education for the next generation. We found that the most highly-engaged, successful students have a deeper understanding of their interests, strengths, and values, and choose to make career and life decisions in alignment with them. The tools we've created help youth to develop a deeper understanding of self, and then connect with real-world experience - the two things that have the biggest impact on career confidence. Today, our team spans continents, cultures, and generations. We are truly a unique, passionate, and values-driven group that cares deeply about empowering today‘s youth.

Our Core Values

Our vision is to see young people lead better lives by making smarter career decisions. This is what gets us up in the morning and guides each decision we make. Our non-profit status is directly aligned with our value of transparency. It also allows us to partner with schools and other non-profit organizations so that we can reach more students, regardless of their economic status.


We expect the highest quality work from ourselves, our teammates, and our partners, every day. 


We actively look for ways to build up those we work with to achieve the our greater vision. 

Honesty & Transparency

We strive to create an open and direct culture where people can speak freely and voice concerns. 


We are willing to try new things, and fail-forward, in the spirit of building something great. 

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We're a dynamic team, and we're looking to grow. 

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