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Our Philosophy

When you pursue a fulfilling career, you’ll lead a better life and improve the world through you work. It’s that simple.

A fulfilling career aligns with your sense of purpose, and uncovering this requires a deep understanding of your natural talents, your strongest interests, and your core values. No career quiz can tell you what to do with your life – that’s why we’ve developed a new approach centred on critical, independent thinking.

4-Step Program

You’ll develop new critical thinking skills through guided reflections and career-alignment activities. Your new knack for problem solving will help you navigate the real world with confidence.

Interests Explorer

Define what excites you, and learn which interests may be career material.

Strengths Pilot

Uncover what empowers you, and learn which talents to build on.

Values Compass

Understand what drives you, and how to choose a career that matches.

Career Alignment

Lift off! Learn how to make the best career and education choices through proper alignment.

Learn, and explore careers

You’ll identify and dig deep into your interests, strengths, and values, so you can make better decisions about the education and career path that's right for you.

Our Mission

The enScholar Educational Foundation is a federally-registered nonprofit organization. Our mission is to help youth gain a deeper understanding of self, so that they may, in turn, affect the world for the better. We aim to revolutionize career education and personal development by making them engaging, fun, and accessible to as many people as possible – regardless of location or economic status. We do this through:

• Educating on, and facilitating self-exploration into a student's interests, strengths, and values 
• Providing and curating quality career resources 
• Promoting and facilitating the acquisition of relevant, real-world experience

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